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Music Lessons

Welcome to Spring Term music lessons:

Drum lessons will take place on a Monday, starting on 17th January.

Guitar and violin lessons will be starting this week, 10th Janaury, and will take place on a Wednesday.

Woodwind lessons will take place on a Thursday.  

There are due to be 10 lessons spread over the term. These will be spaced throughout the term. 

Please make sure that your child brings their instrument into school on the correct day. Unfortunately, music instruments cannot be shared as some have been damaged in the past. 

I am looking forward to a great term of music lessons.

Thank you

Mrs H Latter

Welcome to our music teachers

We're off ...


Music lessons are starting this week: 27th September 2021.

Drum lessons will be on Mondays in the HIP Intervention room (next to Mrs K's room).

Flute lessons will be on Mondays in the HIP Intervention room (next to Mrs K's room).

Guitar lessons will be on Wednesdays in Mr Robinson's office (next to the library)

Violin lessons will be on Wednesdays in the HIP Intervention room (next to Mrs K's room).


Please make sure your child brings their instrument into school on the correct day for their lesson, as instruments cannot be shared. 

Instruments can be put at the back of the class until the lesson time, and then taken to the lesson when the pupil attends. 

If a child is absent on the day of their lesson, that lesson will not be re-imbursed. If the teacher is absent, the lesson will be re-arranged. 

Most lessons will take place at some time during lunchtime. 

If possible, it would be easier for your child if they had a packed lunch on the day of their lesson. If they need a school dinner, there will be time for them to get one. 


If you have missed music lessons this term, there will be more information available in November and you can apply for lessons for Spring Term. Please keep an eye on the website as closing dates are strictly applied due to booking musicians. 


Any questions, please email me:

or call the school office. 


I am looking forward to a very satisfying period of music lessons with our excellent music teachers. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Music Lessons

Welcome to another year of Music lessons in 2021-2022

We will be starting music lessons during the week commencing 27th September, 2021.

If you are interested in your child having music lessons with a professional musician, please complete the form and return it to me by Wednesday 15th September. 

Payment needs to be made by Wednesday 22nd September to ensure your slot. 

Any questions, please contact me:

Information regarding Music Lessons for Autumn Term 2021

Update on guitar lessons at Pelham - 19th March 2020


We are very fortunate to have completed the guitar lessons for Spring Term.

We have offered 17 lessons this year, to date (9 in Autumn Term and 8 in Spring Term). 

There are 25 lessons due per year, which means that the final 8 lessons will take place in the Summer Term. 

The dates for Summer Term will be released in due course. 


Please make sure that all guitars are taken home this week.


Happy practicing

Mrs H Latter

Dates for Guitar lessons Spring Term 2020

16th January

23rd January

30th January

6th February


27th February

5th March

12th March

19th March

This will be 8 lessons in Spring Term


Music Lessons Spring Term 2020


Music lessons will be restarting on Thursday 16th January.

Please make sure pupils bring their guitars into school on Thursday 16th January.


Dates for Guitar lessons Autumn Term 2019.

Guitar lessons will take place on Thursdays from 1pm:

19th September

26th September

3rd October

10th October


31st October

7th November

14th November

21st November

28th November

Please note there will be NO lesson on 17th October, or after 28th November. 

Lessons will restart in January 2020.  

Payment details for music lessons for this year. 


The costs are as follows: 

25 lessons over the course of this academic year and  20 minutes per lesson. 

Individual lessons: £375 total. Can be paid: £125        £125         £125

Group of 2:         £190 total.     Can be paid: £70            £70            £50

Group of 3:        £125 total.      Can be paid: £50            £50            £25


Please pay it in total, if possible as this means we can assure Bird College of our commitment. 

Termly payments can be made, if necessary. 

Dates for payment are: Autumn Term: before 16th September.    Spring Term: before 6th January        ​Summer Term: before 20th April. 


SIMS Agora will be available by Thursday 12th September.

This terms fees MUST be paid before lessons will begin. 

If the fees are not paid, then some lessons may be missed or forgone while payment is awaited.


I hope you understand that this is a great opportunity, but the lessons need to be paid in advance. 


If you have any questions, please email me, or speak to the office. 

Wishing you a great year of music lessons



H Latter



Music Lesson costs:

I am delighted to say that the cost of music lessons for this academic year have not risen as much as we expected:

There are 25 lessons per year. Each lesson is 20 minutes duration. 

Individual lessons:  £375 for the year = £15 per lesson. 

Groups of 2:            £190 for the year = £7.60 per lesson.

Groups of 3:            £125 for the year = £5 per lesson. 


All lessons are taken by professional musicians fully regulated by Bird College. 


I have tried to contact everyone who has expressed an interest in music lessons. If you have not heard from me, please contact the school as soon as possible. 


Thank you

Mrs H Latter

Music Lessons for 2019 - 2020


Thank you to all those who have returned forms about music lessons for this year.

I am planning to get in touch with everyone who has expressed interest, by Friday 6th September.

If you have not heard from me by Friday, regarding your child's lessons, please contact the school.


Looking forward to a great year of lessons

Mrs Latter

Summer Concert of Music

Our Summer Concert will take place on Monday 1st July at 2:30pm in the Key-Stage 2 hall. 

The choir will be performing, as well as items from our guitar and our drumming students. 

Please come and join us for an afternoon music extravaganza


Following the concert, there will be no more regular music lessons until September.

If your child has missed a music lesson due to Sports Day, or the Year 4 trip to Marchants Hill, that lesson will be given during the week of 1st July. 

I hope you have a good summer and I look forward to music lessons restarting in September.


If your child is interested in having music lessons, please return the form that will be available during the week of 1st July. 

I will be in touch again when I have liaised with Bird College.

Guitar Lessons


There are 5 guitar lessons left for this academic year.

There will be 1 lesson in the last week of term: 23rd May

There will be 4 lessons during June, culminating in a performance at the Summer Music Concert on 1st July.

Further details will be available soon.


If your child is interested in continuing music lessons next year, please let me know by 1st July, so arrangements can be put into place.


Thank you for your support this year.

Mrs Heather Latter

Music lessons in Summer Term


Guitar and drumming lessons will be restarting during the week of 1st May.


Please make sure that pupils bring their guitars to school on Thursday 2nd May.


Mrs H Latter

Guitar lessons 2nd Spring Term


There will be 3 guitar lessons this Spring Term:
7th March

21st March

28th March

All the rest of the guitar lessons for this year will take place in the Summer Term

Drumming Lessons Wednesday mornings


There will be 4 lessons this term, lessons will take place on:

27th February 2019

6th March

13th March

20th March

This will have completed 17 lessons. 

There will be 8 lessons during the summer term.





Monday 11th February

There will be no music lessons this week.


Guitar lessons will restart on 28th February.

Drumming lessons will restart on Wednesday 6th March


If you would like your child to have music lessons at the school, there will be another opportunity to apply for lessons in June - for lessons to take place from September.


Thank you

Mrs H Latter

Drumming lessons - 16th January 2019


Drumming lessons are restarting on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

I'm looking forward to an enjoyable term of lessons.


Thank you

H Latter

Music lessons are starting smiley


Music Lessons will be starting during the week of 17th September, 2018.


Drumming lessons will take place during the morning on Wednesdays

Guitar lessons will take place in the afternoons on Thursdays. 

Both lessons will take place during school time. 


Please make sure that your child brings their guitar into school every Thursday. 

The guitars can be kept in the KS2 HIP until they are needed for lessons.

Instruments should be taken home with the child on a Thursday afternoon. 

Unfortunately, the school cannot be held responsible if a guitar is left in school and then gets mislaid. 

Drumming and guitar lessons

4th September 2018


Thank you to all those who have returned forms showing an interest in music lessons.

There are still a few places available if you are interested.


During the 1st week of term, parents will be notified about how and when to pay for lessons.

Lessons usually commence during the 3rd week of term, after payments have been received.

If you have not heard from the school by Friday 7th September, please contact us to confirm that we have your details. 


Thank you

Mrs H Latter

Recital by Bird College Musicians 3rd July 2018

Bird College Recital

On Tuesday, 3rd July, Bird College will be giving a recital for the children at Pelham.

Letters about music lessons will be available for anyone  interested after that recital.


The letters will also be available on the website under: Club Letters

Music Lessons: 2018-2019

Individual and small group music lessons will be available from Bird College, from September 2018.

If you are interested in lessons, by reputable, high quality, professional musicians, at a very reasonable price, please ask for a form. 

Drum, violin and guitar are some of the lessons that will be available. 

More details will be given shortly.


Mrs H Latter

End of guitar and drumming music lessons for 2017-18.

We have come to the end of guitar and drumming music lessons for this year. 

Over the year, pupils are given 25 weeks of lessons. 

I hope your child has enjoyed the opportunity of learning a musical instrument and is looking forward to continuing this, next academic year. 

Year 3 Drumming Concert 28th June 2018

Congratulations to Year 3 for an exhilarating concert on Thursday afternoon. 

3P started the concert with a 15 minute drumming spectacular. Every child had their moment to shine when they played a solo piece. They all took part with focus and thought. 

3N followed this with a mix of choral drumming, interspersed with songs and special focal parts.

Our thanks to Mr Fabricio Azevido who has, once again, motivated and inspired our pupils. 

Thank you for a great concert Year 3.

Guitar Lessons

As of September 2017, private guitar lessons are available with a professional guitar teacher, working with Bird College, Sidcup.

Individual and group lessons are given.

A one-off payment is made by parents at the beginning of the academic year, which pays for all lessons in that year. 

Pupils have the opportunity of taking part in the Summer Music Concert, if they wish. 


Lessons could be available for other instruments, if parents wish.

Please speak to Mrs H Latter for further details. 

Drumming Lessons

All Year 3 pupils have a 45 minute class drumming lesson with a professional drumming teacher. 

Lessons are on a Thursday afternoon, during school time. 

A concert is arranged in June when the pupils perform ensemble pieces. 

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