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National Numeracy Day

On Wednesday 19th May, Pelham among with many other schools, celebrated National Numeracy Day. 


Each class came off timetable and spent the whole day learning about Maths. Children were excited, enthused and enjoyed being immersed in their Maths learning. Teachers' planned exciting cross-curricular lessons which the children enjoyed being taking part in. Lower down the school children enjoyed learning about shape and pattern within art; Year 2 enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and how she used statistics to save lives. Moving round to KS2 the children were given the task to stick to a budget and plan a party; children also explored tessellation. Finally, upper KS2 explored angles and geometry through K's art and Year 6 applied their knowledge of radius and diameter and used mathematical equipment (protractors and compasses) to create eye-catching spiral graphs. 


During the day the National Numeracy hosted a handful of interesting events which were recorded and now on Youtube.These are aimed at young adults and parents and are there to support changing negative views of Maths into positives.


If you would like to watch the recorded events then please click on the relevant links below. 

Below are pictures of the amazing Maths work the children have done.

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