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Writing at Pelham



Writing for purpose with a clear sense of audience is the foundation of teaching writing at Pelham Primary. We ensure the children have exciting and stimulating things to write about both in English lessons as well as across the curriculum. Children are exposed to a range of different texts, videos and experiences to help them write purposeful, relevant pieces of work.


They learn how to organise their own work so it suits the purpose: in upper Key Stage 2, children are taught various note-taking and text studying skills, including mind-mapping and annotating texts. Drafting is taught as a natural process, which encourages pupils to write freely and expressively, recognising the organic nature of creative writing as well as the importance of appropriate presentation of work for audience and purpose.


Children respond to the school’s marking codes and improve their work from Year one upwards. The independence and responsibility shown in this ability to edit and improve their work is emphasised and celebrated throughout the school and results in children becoming highly independent, effective and reflective writers.


Pupils are taught grammar both discretely and embedded into other lessons; a secure understanding of Standard English conventions is the foundation of good writing. Specific grammar and punctuation content is assigned to particular year groups and matches the national curriculum expectations. Children learn how to communicate effectively in a wide range of writing styles by being exposed to a variety of text types and genres. 



At Pelham we are proud to promote a positive attitude to and enjoyment of spelling. A structured programme of spelling rules is used as set out by National Curriculum guidelines. Pupils explore word patterns and discover exceptions to rules through our whole school spelling scheme - Spelling Shed. 



In keeping with the school handwriting policy, children are taught a progressive set of writing skills that teach the family of handwriting letters along with their corresponding entry and exit joins. Posture, grip and pattern work lead into formal letter formation and the development of cursive, joined up, neat handwriting and aim for children to:

-Achieve a neat, legible style with correctly formed letters in cursive handwriting.

-Develop flow and speed.

-Eventually produce the letters automatically and in their independent writing.

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