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Youtuber Jazzy

Former Pelham Pupil... YOUTUBER JAZZY!


How would you describe your time at Pelham?

I have so many good memories from Pelham Primary school, I was such a happy girl while I was there. I loved my time at school, hanging out with both my deaf and my hearing friends in the playground and some of my hearing friends even learnt British Sign Language so they could communicate with me and we could play together which was wonderful. I had a lot of support from the deaf provision, the CSWs and deaf people. It felt like a family to me.

What you are up to now?

I have my own Youtube Channel which I set up back in 2015 just after I left my secondary school. I created it to make videos about deaf awareness as I wanted to raise deaf awareness for my hearing followers, I also share about my Ulcerative Colitis (IBD), travel vlogs, fun challenges with my deaf friends and my hearing family etc. I also work with brands to show the representation of deaf people as it's so important to have a role model to the deaf people to show that being deaf doesn't mean it should stop you from doing what you love to do. I recently took an acting course at National Youth Theatre and did a workshop with RADA, I'm hoping to do more acting and presenting work and now aspire to work in TV.

I'm also a Communications Officer at Deafinitely Theatre, it's a theatre group which is a deaf led company. My team is a mix of hearing and deaf people but we all can sign, which makes me feel included. I focus on social media, website, newsletter and lots more.

What did Pelham give to you that you have used throughout your life?

I was taught at Pelham to always try your best - still to this day I make sure that I try my best at all things and that is what is most important. As long as you try your best you can be super proud that you tried. I also learnt how to be independent and respect others. Kindness is super important. 

DREAM BIG is a fantastic mission statement for the school. I always dream big! I have learnt that being deaf is not going to stop me from doing what I love to do and I have learnt how to be confident in my deaf identity. Now I'm a YouTuber and working with brands to encourage people to learn British Sign Language, to educate others about deaf cultures, and to raise deaf awareness as this means a lot to me because I've had a lot of barriers growing up. The only thing I cannot do is hear…I can do anything I put my mind to. I want all young deaf people to know they really can do anything! Work hard and follow your dreams! You can do it!

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