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Future Fashion Designer Michael



How would you describe your time at Pelham?

When I first started at Pelham in reception, I was very nervous but, the teachers were really welcoming and reassuring and soon put my nerves at ease. My time at Pelham was a lot of fun but also very educational. I made a lot of friends there, many who I am still in contact with today. The teachers I had at Pelham were a great inspiration, they had a good balance of being fun and serious and were strict when they needed to be. My favourite lesson was always art, I had a real flare for being artistic and this is where I really felt I came to life and showed off my talent. My teachers were always very encouraging and praised my work. I also really enjoyed the writing projects as I could let my imagination run wild and create a good story. Another part of learning at Pelham that I found important was the inclusion of learning sign language, this helped me communicate with my deaf peers and understand that everyone is different and unique, but we are all equal. The teachers helped me through my SATS in Year 2 and again in Year 6 and I also sat my 11 plus in Year 6.


What are you up to now? 

I am now following my dream of becoming a fashion designer, studying level 3 fashion design in a top college in London.


What did Pelham give to you that you have used throughout your life? 

A memory I have that I’ll never forget is every teacher I had in Pelham were always determined to be the one to stop me using both hands when writing, they provided me with gadgets, pencils and grippers. Although I still write with both hands today, I will always remember and appreciate the lengths they went to.

I went on to secondary school feeling confident I could achieve my future goals. I passed all my GCSEs in 2022 even with the difficulties that COVID presented. Thanks to Pelham I have the confidence and belief in myself to know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.



Pelham gave me the inspiration and courage I needed to believe in myself, no matter how big the dream I could achieve it. 


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