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Our Dog Mentors

Pelham Primary School introduced Dog Mentors to enhance our nurturing and supportive environment.  These specially-trained dogs, alongside their handlers, help enhance the emotional well-being of children by providing companionship, reducing anxiety, and promoting a sense of calm. Interaction with Dog Mentors has been shown to improve social skills, boost confidence, and encourage positive behaviour. By integrating Dog Mentors into the school community, we are fostering an inclusive atmosphere where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


The Dog Mentors at Pelham Primary School like to join in all activities throughout the day.  Whether it’s hearing a child read in the school library, giving a tour to prospective applicants, or joining in with them at playtimes, the Dog Mentors have many different roles to play across the school.  Children throughout the school are given opportunities to play with the dogs, to take care of their daily needs and to even train them to do new tricks! 


Hi, I’m Ona! I’ve been a Dog Mentor for one year, since I was just 15 weeks old! 🐾 I love making Pelham children smile and feel at ease with my wagging tail and gentle cuddles. Whether it's a tough day or a fun one, I'm here to spread joy and comfort to everyone I meet!  I am always calm and like to be walked around the school so I can see what is going on in every class.  My talent is jumping and I am a super-fast runner- I like joining in at Athletics club and running around the field at lunchtime with all of the children.






Hi, I’m Douglas, but you can call me Douglas, Doug or Dougie. I am a good boy. I’ve been a Dog Mentor for one year, since I was just 15 weeks old. I work alongside my sister Ona. I love being a Dog Mentor and working with children and spending time in class. I am happy when I am at school and you can tell this as the back half of my body wiggles uncontrollably when I am happy or excited. As well as being in class, you will see me being walked around school by our pupils, helping them to settle at school in the morning. Being at work is one of my favourite things as well as being thrown a ball. I’d like to remind you all that I am a good boy.

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