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Head of School  

 (From September)

Ms K Anderson-Vilardell

Having gone into the world of construction management after graduating with a history degree from the University of Durham, I changed career later on to become a teacher- training with the charity Teach First.  While construction management allowed me to develop strong problem-solving and project management skills, I found that my true calling lay in education, where I could make a tangible difference in the lives of children. Teaching offers a unique opportunity to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, which aligns with my desire to have a positive impact on the community. This change also reflects my commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth, as I am eager to embrace new challenges and cultivate an environment at Pelham where every child feels valued and empowered to succeed.



Assistant Head - Miss S Robinson


Inspired by my cherished memories of primary school, I embarked on the path to becoming a primary school teacher six years ago. I studied Primary Education at the University of Greenwich and have never looked back! As I enter my sixth year of teaching, I am dedicated to providing all children with an educational experience filled with learning, laughter, and the joys of childhood.


Pelham School is the ideal environment for me to nurture young minds. Our motto, 'Dream Big', encapsulates the ethos of our inclusive community where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential. I believe in challenging students to surpass their own expectations while creating a supportive space for growth and development. 




Assistant Head - Ms J Cousins


With a background as a former international elite swimmer, I have developed resilience and a relentless, unwavering  pursuit of excellence. My journey in education began with teaching my dolls the ABCs, but my passion for teaching has long endured the days of Barbie & Ken! I started my journey as teaching assistant while completing my degree in education. Over the years, I have strived to inspire and motivate others, provide children with a safe, welcoming, and engaging school environment, and cultivate a love of learning that fosters lifelong learners.


My background is predominantly leading EYFS & Key Stage 1 and ensuring that all children have a strong start to their education. I am passionate about Phonics & Early Reading and fostering an environment to create fluent, confident, and independent readers. I believe that every child can achieve!

I am proud to work alongside Goldsmiths University to develop trainee teachers, whilst also supporting newly qualified teachers, community volunteers, and staff of all levels to ensure we provide the best possible education and support for our children. I believe that ‘the strength of the pack is the wolf, but the strength of the wolf is the pack!’

I am delighted to be part of a trust that aligns with my core values of inclusion, collaboration, openness, and ambition. As a member of the local community myself, I am pleased to be part of a trust that continually strives to improve experiences for children and the communities they serve, puts pupil and staff wellbeing at the forefront, and champions staff development on the journey to excellence.


 Assistant Head - Mrs L Appiah


My love for teaching and working with children has always been a driving force in my life. As a university student, I served as an ambassador for widening participation, delivering workshops and sessions to schools and colleges about university life, UCAS, and student finance, all aimed at raising the aspirations of non-traditional students. Watching these young minds light up with inspiration ignited a spark in me, confirming my passion for working with young people.

With a background in Psychology, I initially started working in secondary schools but soon realized my true calling was with younger pupils. When I stepped into a primary school, I fell in love with the enthusiasm and excitement of the children and never looked back.

As a senior leader at Pelham, I have the privilege of regularly interacting with many students during my learning walks, especially in Science, and building strong relationships with my class and their parents. The best part of teaching is being with the children, as they constantly teach me new things and deepen my love for this profession.



Assistant Head - SENCO - Mr W Bialek


Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs and a true passion of mine. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and being part of a school community as I love the difference you can make.


Pelham is an amazing school which is welcoming, caring and ambitious for the whole school community. Every day at Pelham is special where each and every individual can succeed socially, emotionally and academically. Pelham is a wonderful school whereby all of our pupils DREAM BIG!!






Teacher of the Deaf - Assistant SENCO - Mrs N Karademir


I was inspired to become a teacher of the Deaf when my own children were diagnosed with hearing loss.  As an experienced Teacher of the Deaf and Assistant SENco, I am committed to excellence every day.   With many years’ experience as a class teacher across the key stages, I firmly believe that education is about helping create highly skilled young people who are ready for the challenging world ahead, regardless of need or background.

For me as a teacher, this journey through education is fundamental and should be accessible to every student with each having the best opportunities to succeed and thrive. I am passionate about supporting young people and genuinely believe in the capacity of all to be successful.  An integral part of my current role is building and maintaining effective relationships with a variety of stakeholders. 

I consider this to be an exceptional strength and know that these relationships are key to effective SEND provision where students can Dream big.



English Lead - Mrs J Edge-Kanat


I wanted to become a teacher to combine my love of knowledge with my love of being with children; it is enormously gratifying to watch them grow and develop. I love working at Pelham because it feels like a community where children and grown-ups are supported, and where we can all Dream Big!










Maths Lead - Mr J Boulton


Working at Pelham Primary School has allowed me to set up sports clubs, including cricket and football clubs. Our superb grounds and sports field means the children have the space to grow and improve, both physically and emotionally. The extra-curricular opportunities afforded to our children here, from 11+ tutoring to chess, is one reason why I love being a teacher at Pelham Primary. Being a part of the Illuminate Minds Trust means we can work closely with our partner school, Fairford Academy Barnehurst, to give the children a wealth of experiences: with one being the Paralympics held over at Fairford for our children with additional needs. This inclusive approach is something I am very proud to be a part of.





Science Lead - Ms M Jarman


My ambition to become a teacher began as a teenager when I supported my family friends’ children with their homework. This enabled me to realise that helping and supporting others to learn something they initially found challenging gave me a sense of pride and achievement. I have now worked at Pelham Primary School for 8 years and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I love the wide variety of experiences and opportunities that we are able to provide for all of our pupils; through trips, visitors and hands-on learning. Being able to spark enthusiasm about a variety of topics and encouraging our pupils’ inquisitive nature are also key elements of what I enjoy about teaching at Pelham Primary School.



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